Frameless Shower

Bathroom design is increasingly becoming more and more important in increasing the value of your home. It is estimated that a new bathroom can add an extra 4% of what your house is worth to its overall value! A modern, designer inspired bathroom can also help sell a house quickly, as more and more people view a bathroom as an important place to unwind and relax in the bath or shower. With this in mind, it is important to consider the finer details in your bathroom design to ensure that you make the best impression possible in your bathroom.

Designing your bathroom

Once you have decided that it is time to give your bathroom a make over, a great Continue reading “Frameless Shower”

Looking to move?

So your house isn’t big enough anymore? Your kids have outgrown the space and you need more? Rather than sell your well-loved home and try to find something that fits your criteria, have you thought of property refurbishment?  Refurbishing your property could provide you with exactly the living space your require at a fraction of …

Rent A Car

The city of London boasts an array of attractions and places of interest for those who wish to visit, which is why car rental is a must if you want to take in as many sights as possible during your stay. Cheap car rental is the perfect option when it comes to exploring this vast …