Bike Rental and Cycling in London

London is looking into starting a bike rental project that will be sponsored by the city. The million-ride mark was attained with a similar project in Paris in only a few weeks. Since the last mayor was elected, cycling in London has increased by 83 percent. Not only is bike hire cheap, clean and fast, its popularity has greatly increased in recent times. The Tour de France is a prime example of viewing this mode of getting around in its fullness. Proposals for meeting the needs of a London based rental cycling scheme are being drawn up. Cycling in the city of London can be expanded by studying the success of other similar schemes.

The massive success of the Paris bike rental scheme includes 750 rental points located 300 metres apart and 10,000 bicycles scattered across the city. A million fume free miles have been tracked since the Paris project began, with tens of thousands of individuals signing up. These bikes can be hired for about 70 pence per half an hour, at all times during the day or night. It is the 1,400 bike hire points that will ensure for 20,600 bikes out there by year end. Since charges are done by credit or debit card bike hire thefts are decreasing. Users can be charged £100 if the bike is not returned. This deterrent helps hold off thefts.

The transport system in London is managed by Transport for London, who have been tasked to view international best practice for the promotion of cycling. This should also include other projects such as the Paris one which will help find the best scheme for the city of London. All stakeholders and cycling groups will be consulted about the available options at a future date. New York is also calling for a cycling initiative. Officials from Transport for London will meet with several other international officials to take a closer look at the practicalities of the proposed London bike rental project. Cycling has increased dramatically worldwide in recent years.